Are you kidding?

Writing is fun. “Oh puhleeezzze.” I can hear some of you cry, across the vast electronic savannah of the internet.

For many people writing is like quarrying stone, and we’re talking about quarrying by hand with no dynamite or excavators the size of tower blocks. With the pickaxe of your brain, you chip away at the boulders of language to come up with shards and splinters called words. Is your job done, once you’ve collected these chippings? No, the work is only just beginning. Those words have to be arranged into sentences, and those sentences have to be made into a road to carry the reader safely from the start of your piece to the end of it.

And I’m telling you that writing is fun? “Oh puhleeezzze, Aldred. Do you hang out with dentists and get them to give you fillings for a laugh?”

At this point, I will clear my throat ready to deliver one of my favorite gruesome dentist stories, perhaps the one where the dentist falls of the chair trying to pull the patient’s teeth from the blood-soaked surgery ceiling.

“Hang on, Aldred,” those with sharp-eyes and delicate stomachs will interrupt. “We’ve noticed all these buttons dotted about your website, which when clicked on direct us to places where we can buy your books, with the result that some of our money becomes some of your money. Are you writing for fun or profit?”

The answer is both. I’m hoping to make some money by selling my books, otherwise in a little while I’ll be writing sad, blog posts like ‘please buy my books so I can feed my cat, Blenkinsop.’ (I promise I’ll find another job before I have to resort to writing even sadder blog posts such as ‘please buy my books because Blenkinsop and I are giving each other hungry looks and one of us is going to get eaten, soon.’) However, regardless of whether anyone buys my books or even reads them, I’ve had the best time creating them.

In these ‘Writing for Fun’ blogs, I’m going to tell you about things I do that make writing enjoyable for me. You can experiment with them, and pick the ones that work for you. The next blog in this series is about bum glue which is not as disgusting as it sounds. See you then.