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Blowing my own trumpet

All_Things_240I recently did a blog review tour for All Things To Everyone organized by Marianne and Judy at Goddess Fish. A number of blogs reviewed my book and I gave a huge sigh of relief as their comments were mainly positive and the criticisms were all constructive.

I’ve included links below to reviews that you might like to read. These sites are all well worth following and not just because they said nice things about my book.

Books in the Hall

Untamed Spirit

Long and Short Reviews


Out Now! Lurker

lurker240Lurker, book two in the Sinister Sydney Series, is now available as an ebook, exclusively at Amazon.

The tales in the Sinister Sydney Series reveal how the supernatural pierces the thin skin of modern life in Sydney. Uncanny creatures haunt narrow, twisted lanes, peering out from behind dirt-smeared windows. Ancient evils lurk in old forgotten drains and bricked-up chimneys, chilling the air on even the hottest day. Fifteen year old Paul Blake can see the supernatural, and sinister Sydney is waiting for him to discover it.

Buy the eBook:

Lurker is available exclusively at Amazon.




Coming Soon – Lurker

lurker240I’m now in the home straight with Lurker, the second book in the Sinister Sydney series, and it will be launched in a few days time.

Fifteen year old Paul Blake is learning about the supernatural world from his dying grandmother. Battle lines are drawn between student and teacher when, contrary to her instructions, he chooses to help his friend, Charlie, who has been changed by supernatural forces. His quest to save Charlie takes him on a terrifying adventure, where he discovers that there are things even more frightening than being on the wrong side of his grandmother. Evil things from Sydney’s cruel past are lurking in the shadows, and Paul is their chance to poison the present.