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Out Now! The Ghoul of the School of Fools

TheGhouloftheSchoolofFools_240The Ghoul of the School of Fools is a ghostly tale about friendship told in verse.

The fools’ graveyard contains a well,
A murky stagnant pool.
This gloomy place in which to dwell
Is where there lurks a ghoul.
The ghoul is shocked to find one night
A boy who sits alone
And watches stars with great delight,
His back against a stone.
The ghoul decides to join the boy,
In spite of feeling shy.
A bond is formed that brings them joy
Through staring at the sky.
But if their friendship is to last,
The ghoul must face his haunted past.

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Coming Soon – The Ghoul of the School of Fools

TheGhouloftheSchoolofFools_240I’m putting the finishing touches to my latest work: The Ghoul of the School of Fools, a tale told in verse.

I’ve been busy making sure that everything rhymes where it should and has the kind of rhythm that lets you proclaim the verse loudly in public places such as on the bus. Please feel free to try it and report back to me with the results.  I’ve even been working on my grammar and punctuation; who knew that poetry required it just as much prose?

Once again, Dane from ebooklaunch has provided me with an amazing cover.