Out Now! The Highwayman Who Ran and Ran

HighwayMan_240The Highwayman Who Ran and Ran is a rip-roaring adventure told in rollicking rhyme.

The inn, ‘The Hanging Man’, is where
Thieves slink away to hide
And Scuff, the stable boy, works there,
Mouth shut, eyes open wide.
He gives the stolen horses care
And does his job with pride.

But Scuff has formed a secret plan
To start a new career.
He’ll be a daring highwayman
Who rich folk learn to fear.
And so he steals a priceless horse
And tries to disappear.

And with that bold but foolish theft,
Scuff’s troubles have begun.
He has no place of safety left,
And he must run and run.
He’ll have to fight to put things right
Or pay for what he’s done.

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