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Special Offers – January 2018

From Wednesday 17th January to Sunday 21st January, I have two of my ebooks available free on Amazon.

The Highwayman Who Ran and Ran is a rip-roaring tale of adventure told in rollicking rhyme. Scuff, the stable boy at The Hanging Man inn, decides to begin his new career as a daring highwayman by stealing a priceless horse. His troubles swiftly multiply when he discovers who the real owner is, and he is soon running for his life.

The Cottage in the Marsh, book one of Lottie’s Ballad, is a gripping adventure told in verse. Twelve-year-old Lottie must enter the terrifying marsh to rescue her sweet but foolish brother.


Out Now: The Amber Rat – Sinister Sydney Book Four

Buy the ebook at Amazon

Fifteen-year-old Paul Blake wants more time to study the supernatural, but under the terms of his grandmother’s will, he has to attend his dull and ordinary, local school. However, the supernatural is never far away, and he discovers a hidden cellar beneath wasteland set aside for a new school extension. As Paul investigates the mystery of the cellar, he becomes convinced that an ancient scourge of mankind is preparing to return. Will Paul be able to stop it or will he be the first among the millions to die?

The Amber Rat is the fourth book in the Sinister Sydney Series: stories where the supernatural pierces the thin skin of modern life in Sydney.

It is available exclusively at Amazon.