The Highwayman Who Ran and Ran Available in Print

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I love my Kindle; it stores so many books in such a small space. I can buy new books without having to get rid of my old books or buy a bigger house. However, I know many readers still love the feel of having a real book in their hands, so I’ve released a print version of The Highwayman Who Ran and Ran.


Special Offers – July 2017

From Wednesday 19th July to Sunday 23rd July, I have two of my ebooks available free on Amazon.

The Highwayman Who Ran and Ran is a rip-roaring tale of adventure told in rollicking rhyme. Scuff, the stable boy at The Hanging Man inn, decides to begin his new career as a daring highwayman by stealing a priceless horse. His troubles swiftly multiply when he discovers who the real owner is, and he is soon running for his life.

The Cottage in the Marsh, book one of Lottie’s Ballad, is a gripping adventure told in verse. Twelve-year-old Lottie must enter the terrifying marsh to rescue her sweet but foolish brother.





Out Now: The Hollow Serpent – Sinister Sydney Book Three

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Fifteen-year-old Paul Blake’s grandmother is not coming back, and she has left him her snake stick, the Hollow Serpent. Paul will need its help because evil forces that hid from his grandmother are stirring now that she has gone. As he confronts the terrifying ghosts of Sydney’s cruel past, powerful supernatural creatures are asking the question: Does Paul Blake wield the Hollow Serpent or is it wielding him? For Paul, the answer is a matter of life and death.

The Hollow Serpent is the third book in the Sinister Sydney Series: stories where the supernatural pierces the thin skin of modern life in Sydney.

It is available exclusively at Amazon.


Realm Explorers Article

My fellow fantasy writer, Annie Douglass Lima, runs a fascinating series called Realm Explorers on her website. Every Monday, a different author answers a series of questions that provide an insight into the fantasy world they have created for their book or books. It was my turn this Monday, and I’m describing Russett, the world of the Nobody’s Fool Quartet.

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