Realm Explorers Article

My fellow fantasy writer, Annie Douglass Lima, runs a fascinating series called Realm Explorers on her website. Every Monday, a different author answers a series of questions that provide an insight into the fantasy world they have created for their book or books. It was my turn this Monday, and I’m describing Russett, the world of the Nobody’s Fool Quartet.

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Out Now – The Cottage in the Marsh

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Twelve-year-old Lottie has learned to fear the marsh. When she strayed from the trail to pick healing flowers, the oozing mud sucked her down and nearly drowned her. Only the prompt action of her older brother, Wade, saved her.

Now, her sweet but foolish brother is in trouble. In pursuit of love he has wandered into terrible danger. Only Lottie can rescue him, but she will have to enter the terrifying marsh. She is about to discover that the greatest wonders live next door to her worst nightmares.

The Cottage in the Marsh is book one of Lottie’s Ballad, a gripping tale of adventure told in verse.

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Coming Soon – The Cottage in the Marsh

Lottie_Final_Cover-240I’m putting the finishing touches to my latest work: The Cottage in the Marsh, book one of Lottie’s Ballad. It’s a gripping adventure told in rollicking rhyme.

I’ve reached the stage where I have to write an enticing blurb to lure the potential reader into exploring further. Sometimes, this part can feel as challenging as writing the book.

Fortunately, Dane from ebooklaunch has provided me with an amazing cover, which I think readers will find irresistible.